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Our primary mission is to provide the most comprehensive and effective training based on professional real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world. Our training has been adapted to simulate real life encounters on the battlefield, in city streets or in the home. Everything we teach has been tested by those whose very survival depends on implementing the most effective techniques in a deadly force encounter.

For over 32 years we have been perfected the Defcon-1 Training System. This enables us to provide the most straight-forward training in the most compressed time possible. Our goal is to get our students to think ‘outside the box’ using problem-solving scenarios and simulations of actual encounters.

We have trained thousands of individuals. Every person we train, whether they are first time civilian shooters or experienced operators, is given individual attention and the confidence to achieve a higher level of understanding on how to survive a gunfight.   Those of our students who have been involved in deadly force encounters have not only survived, but have performed admirably. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because your success is our success.

Are all CCW Classes the same?

Of course not! What sets us apart from the rest is our knowledgeable and fun instructors. Not only are they experienced in real world applications, but they possess a comfortable and constructive way of sharing their experiences and knowledge with you. During the classes, most key points are followed up with practical applications, which are invaluable if you ever found yourself in a real world situation.

When it comes to CCW training, you get what you pay for! Don’t get yourself in trouble with a “crash course” that doesn’t provide you with enough actual range time, tactical training or knowledge about carrying a concealed weapon. Our professionally-taught course takes an in-depth look at Illinois’ laws relating to the carrying and use of a deadly weapon or firearm, and develops within the student the knowledge and attitude necessary to undertake the enormous responsibility that comes with carrying a concealed firearm in public.

This is NOT a ‘gun show class’, nor is it a one-hour ‘rush-you-through’ marathon. Our classes are not commercials for gun manufacturers, nor are they equipment sales pitches. We will not try to sell you firearms, holsters, or ancillary products.

In this comprehensive class, your instructor will take the time to make sure that you feel comfortable with a firearm that you’re likely to carry as a concealed weapons permit holder, and give you the opportunity to get sufficient ‘trigger time’ to gauge your proficiency and correct any potential issues early on. All range tactics are taught FIRST in the classroom in the firearms safety and mechanical operation portions of the program.

As with all of our civilian firearms programs, the concealed weapons permit class is taught by certified State of Illinois firearms instructors.

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