Who We Are

The Defcon-1 Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple…”Provide the best and most practical safety and personal protection training to everyone”.

All of our instructors are NRA / State or Military certified with well over 80 years of combined firearms training experience. Individual qualifications include a variety of disciplines from Law Enforcement, Military, Security, Rifle, Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety, Close Quarter Combat, Urban Survival etc. Most have first-hand experience in the field whether it is military, contract, police or security/ protection. Our instructors are CERTIFIED firearms and tactics educators.

Something we hear all too often is “my buddy was in the military / served in a combat zone/ was a cop for 15 years / has hunted all his life, he knows what to do” etc. Being a good operator, soldier, hunter, sports shooter or policeman does not mean that you are, by default, a firearms instructor. Being able to shoot and being able to teach is not the same thing.

Because someone has military or police training / background does not make them an expert in firearms, tactics and especially teaching pistol skills.  Their skill sets depend on WHAT the individual did whilst in the Military or Police and whether or not they were trained on how to TEACH those skill sets to others. If he was a firearms instructor whose job it was to TEACH the use of firearms…..that means he knows the relevant weapons (of that time) and was certified to TEACH others. That is a good start, at least.

Safety is strictly enforced on our range. When you attend a class, you will be taught the safest method of training available anywhere. For first-time shooters, you will be taught all the core principles of firearms safety with a high instructor to student ratio. Someone is always close by to give you support and encouragement. When you attend a class at Defcon-1, you put your trust in us and we earn that trust by delivering safe, practical real world techniques in a clean, no-nonsense approach. For more than three decades, Defcon-1 maintains an unblemished safety record.

In addition to our standard courses, we provide specialized training for law enforcement, correctional and security agencies. These programs are specifically designed to meet the particular client’s individual need and mission objective.

For security officers, private investigators, or others needing Illinois state licensed firearm qualification services we provide basic training and bi-annual or quarterly qualification testing on an on-going basis. We can also tailor special annual refresher training to suit client needs.

Our primary mission is to provide the most comprehensive and effective training based on professional real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world. Our training has been adapted to simulate real life encounters on the battlefield, in city streets or in the home. Everything we teach has been tested by those whose very survival depends on implementing the most effective techniques in a deadly force encounter.

Over the past 30 years we have perfected the Defcon-1 System, enabling us to provide the most straight-forward training in the most compressed time possible. Our goal is to get our students to think ‘outside the box’ using problem-solving scenarios and simulations of actual encounters.

We have trained thousands of individuals. Every person we train, whether they are first time civilian shooters or experienced operators, is given individual attention and the confidence to achieve a higher level of understanding on how to survive a gunfight. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because your success is our success.


At the Defcon-1 Firearms Training, we bring decades of experience, skilled advocacy, standards of professionalism to everything we do. We provide both technical proficiency and personal attention to each and every client. To learn more about our Instructors, please use the links provided below to visit our instructor profiles or contact us at our Oakbrook Terrace office today.

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